Civil & Commercial Earthmoving

Recent Projects

Roy Hill Iron Ore

Project: Road Construction Projects

Client: Roy Hill Iron Ore

Location: Pilbara

Job Scope:

  • Construction of rail service track (350km)
  • Construction of 6km Conveyor corridor
  • Construction of overpass for access road
  • Construction of workshop access haul road


Project: Ravensthorpe Heavy Haulage Route Construction

Client: NRW

Location: Ravensthorpe

Job Scope:

  • Culvert installation and extension (300mm to 1500mm, single and multi-barrel)
  • GPS Digger Final Trim
  • Storm water drainage including pits (approximately 1.4km)
  • Installation of all head walls and associated concrete works with project
  • Subsoil drainage installation
  • Levels up to base course and preparation for sealing
  • Traffic management and controlling

Shire of Dalwallinu

Project: Flood Damage Restoration

Client: Shire of Dalwallinu

Location: Dalwallinu

Flood Damage Restoration Albany to Port Hedland WA

Job Scope:

Flood damage recovery in the Shire of Dalwallinu for reconstruction works. This included:

  • clearing box culverts and pipes,
  • repair/reinstate gravel shoulders and regrade table drains,
  • repair/reinstate floodway’s including concrete headwalls, edge beams and supply and placement of rock armour,
  • pavement reconstruction including shaping existing formation, remove & dispose of contaminated silt deposited on road and in table drains,
  • transporting, placing and compacting gravel and assisting with cement stabilised operations.

Fulton Hogan

Project: Drainage Reinstatement

Client: Fulton Hogan

Location: Albany Highway

Road Construction and Maintenance Albany to Port Hedland WA

Job Scope:

Storm damage clearing and repairs in the Southwest to reinstate drainage systems.

  • Re-establish all Drainage systems
  • Road grading
  • Re-cut offshoot drains

Shire of Plantagenet

Project: Flood & Storm Damage Recovery Client: Shire of Plantagenet Location: Mount Barker
Flood & Storm Damage Repairs Albany to Port Hedland WA

Job Scope:

Storm recovery in the Shire of Plantagenet for reconstruction works. This included:

  • reforming and re-sheeting of unsealed roads,
  • pavement repairs,
  • repair, cleaning, and restoration of surface stormwater drains
  • repair, cleaning, and restoration of drainage structures
  • reinstatement and restoration of flood ways and repair and reinstatement of washed-out verges/shoulders
  • provide traffic management.

Town of Port Hedland

Project: Re-instatement works

Client: Town of Port Hedland

Location: Port Hedland

Road Construction, Drainage Systems Port Hedland WA

Job Scope:

Cyclone damage repairs to roads, drainage systems, pavements along with general clearing and rehabilitation.

  • Reconstruction of sealed and unsealed roads
  • Gravel sheeting and re-sheeting of unsealed roads
  • Maintenance grading
  • Reshaping/reforming table drains and offshoot drain
  • reconstruction of unsealed floodway’s
  • Source gravel from borrow pits including clearing, topsoil stripping, removal of overburden, pushing up and stockpiling gravel and associated rehabilitation
  • Construction and maintenance of turkey’s nests associated with nominated water bore sources
  • Repair or reinstate floodway’s including concrete headwalls
  • Rock pitching
  • Repair of sealed bitumen and/or asphalt pavements
  • Construction of sealed bitumen and/or asphalt

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